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    Top 5 Best Winter Sewing Projects to Attempt

    Each season around the year provides different opportunity to sew. You can try several projects which are going to bring excitement to your work and you can try new things each day. Now itís winter and itís the best time to try preparing things related to the season. You can make projects which you are going to use in your daily routine and even you can present these things as a gift to your loved ones.

    Use the best basic sewing machine to avoid any complications when you are at the beginning stage. You can visit https://craftsselection.com/best-sew...for-beginners/ for more information about the sewing machine. Always sit on your working desk with the confidence that whatever is going to come in your way, you are just going to pull off with your passion.

    Winter sewing projects you should try

    So this season, letís see what top 5 projects you can attempt to show off your skills. These winter projects are easy and you donít have to go through difficult steps.

    Project 1 - Scarves

    Itís winter and with every outfit, you may need a matching or suitable scarf. Itís definitely going to burden your pocket if you will go shopping to buy different scarves for each outfit. Prepare these scarves in your home and customize them as well. For winter scarves you need to buy thick fabric which can protect you from the cold and can complement your personality too.

    When you are sewing a scarf for the winter outfits then make sure you are not using a universal needle and thin thread because for the thick clothing you need to go for the different needle and thread. Sew the straight line by folding the edges of the scarf. You can make a scarf with patches to give it a funky look. Sew scarves as much as you can and present them to your loved ones as the best winter gift with love.

    Project 2 - Plaid Trousers:

    Plaid trousers are something trendy and always looks stylish. These pants are so stunning that you may sew a number of them to flaunt your fashion statement this winter. You have to add the invisible zipper inside the pants and itís quite easy to prepare. Start cutting the fabric in the shape of pants and always measure. You can trace the shape of your previous pants to cut.

    Now join the edges of the pants and sew it. Sew the hem of the pants and donít forget to sew the zipper in the pants from the wrong side. Measure the waistline and prepare the waist of the pants. Keep the openings of the pants narrow and stitch them up to the half inches. Your pants are done and ready to wear. Press them and start wearing.

    Project 3 - Pullover Sweater:

    Pullover sweaters are one of the fashionable and trendy outfits girls can pull off in the winter. This sweater is such a great project for the beginners who never tried anything in apparel till now. Basically, this outfit is oversized so you donít have to fight with measurements and can feel super comfy in it. You donít have to go for the fittings and measurements. Sew this pullover sweater with the help of the best sewing machine for beginners which you can find here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21_gr1YZBGk and share us your masterpiece.

    Sewing sweater on a simple sewing machine

    Pullover sweaters are easy to create and you can prepare a number of them in just a day. Adjust the size according to your body size that is small, medium or large. If you know how to deal with the crochet pattern then go for it and this may be your first apparel project. Pullover sweaters are going to make you feel amazing in the winter and you can casually wear them in any party.

    Project 4 - Gloves:

    To save your skin from the dry weather itís important to wear gloves and to keep your hands warm while you are out. You need to buy a thick garment material for the preparation of gloves. The easiest way to cut the gloves from the fabric is to trace your hand on the fabric with the help of chalk or invisible ink.

    Once you have traced your hand, cut the shape and start stitching the gloves. You can make several gloves for your kids or for yourself. You can also prepare fancy gloves on a sewing machine. Gloves are the easiest thing you can attempt as a beginner and this will be an interesting one for you. This project is going to help in improving the cutting patterns too.

    Project 5 - Fur Cape:

    Fur cape is another project you can prepare in no time because in this you donít have to design the sleeves or anything. The cutting of this project may take time because the fabric is going to be furry and thick and you may need to use big fabric scissors or a rotary cutter. For the cutting of the fur cape first, measure and then start cutting. Cut the fabric in the shape of two triangles joining into one.

    Keep the front narrow and back wide. Keep it short in length as itís going to look stylish but if you are designing a long cape then you have to cut the fabric in a different way more like a long princess gown. To add beauty and fancy touch you need to add some button or broch at the front side which may act as a closing button. You add in middle or at the upper side.

    This is going to look amazing when you will match the fur cape with the outfit. You can sew small fur cape for the kids and help them in matching it with the tiara for their birthdays or parties.


    These winter projects are going to bring the excitement in your work and you have a great opportunity to get your hands on something new this season. As a beginner start your sewing journey with the simple computerized machine and for more information, you can read How To Find The Best Computerized Sewing Machine For Beginners - Buyer's Guide And Reviews. Have fun and enjoy sewing!
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    Great post! Also want to add that this sewing machine Singer 7258, that was mentioned is your post, is also suitable for all kind of creators, not only for the beginners because of quantity of operations.

    I wonder do you have tutorials on making these winter projects? I created gloves and scarf, and now I am interested of sewing sweater for the winter. Some tips of choosing fabric and other important stuff?
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