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    Jan 2018

    [WIP] Mercedes AMG 2014 - Viz - Space - Animation

    Hi to all!

    I finish with animation, I would like to create an automotive spot with an original concept. The model is not mine. I'm using Cinemy 4d with an Octane rendering engine.
    I throw you some shots in 4K, greetings!

    Link prev 4k images:



    [https://i.imgur.com/1tSs3lT.jpg]( https://i.imgur.com/1tSs3lT.jpg)


    #4k #Merc #Work_In_Progress #3D #Progress #Octane #Animation #Rendering
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    Jun 2020

    It looks very cool, have you rendered the video already? It would be interesting to see him.
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    Aug 2020

    It looks phenomenal, I would also like to see the video like my colleague above.
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