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    Jan 2016

    Striking out on my own

    Hey guys, long time reader here getting ready to separate from my current company and start my own studio. I'm leaving with full blessings from my current company and the option to purchase the PC that I've been using for the past couple years. The question that I have is do I buy the PC that I've been using (3yrs old specs below) or would I be better served by buying something new for the same cost or less?

    Current PC - Offered selling price $1500
    - Video Card: Nvidia Quadro M4000
    - Processor: Intel i7 5930K @ 3.5 ghz
    - Ram: 64 gb 2133mhz (not sure of the actual type)

    I know that's a monster video card but I also know I can get a lot for $1500 in a desktop these days.

    Thanks for the input guys!
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    Sep 2020

    Hello! Your computer configuration is suitable for the most serious tasks with graphics. It seems to me that everything depends on your goals: if you are used to one place (home or office), you probably shouldn't change anything and continue working on this PC. But if you want to be more mobile, then naturally the laptop will be more suitable.
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