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    Print Size Wizard | 3dsMax Tips

    The Print Size Wizard feature is useful when you plan to print a rendered image. It lets you specify output size, resolution, and orientation in terms of the printed image; that is, using a standard measuring system rather than pixels. It also indicates the approximate uncompressed size of the image file. You can render directly from the wizard on your computer or over a network, or transfer the settings to the Render Setup dialog.

    Standard menu: Rendering menu > Print Size Assistant
    Enhanced menu: Rendering menu > Tools (Rendering Set) > Print Size Assistant
    Design Ribbon > Lighting And Rendering tab > Render Tools panel > Print Size Assistant

    To use the Print Size wizard:
    Set up a scene to render.
    From the Rendering menu, choose Print Size Assistant.
    Choose a preset paper size, or specify a custom size in inches or millimeters. Alternatively, specify an image size in pixels.
    Choose or specify a DPI (dots per inch) ratio for the printed output.
    Choose an output orientation: Portrait or Landscape.
    When ready to render to a file, turn on Save File, click the Files button, and use the resulting Select TIFF File dialog to specify an output image file.
    Do one of the following:
    To render immediately, click Render.
    To set further rendering properties, click Render Setup.

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