Hey, I'm new here and gave a brief introduction to myself in the General Discussion board recently. I'm hoping to find a tutor/mentor who will be able to spend some time with me and guide me as I have many questions and thoughts.

My experience level with 3D software is basic, so far I have produced some quite nice looking 3D environments in Autodesk VRED, Blender and 3ds Max, and my proficiency with each program is definitely classed as basic. Up until now I have been using Photoshop to create photorealistic mock-ups and while they might look brilliant, I want to move on to the next step and make my designs fully 3D and immersive for my clients.

My sole aim is to learn and develop an efficient workflow to achieve the following: I want to take an existing 3D asset (eg a car), learn how to efficiently UV Unwrap the surface, apply a custom livery design, and then display it in a 3D environment. I would then like to learn how to export the entire scene as JPEG's (easy) and also find a way of sharing the 3D scene with a client so they can somehow view on their computer and zoom in, spin around the model and the vehicle livery. I would really appreciate software recommendations - I'm a clean slate and don't own any 3D software and looking to purchase whichever programs you think best suits the kind of work I'm interested in. I think 3ds Max might be the best bet, and any other extra software you recommend will be a tremendous help.

To recap: Import asset --> Apply livery --> Import Environment --> Export entire scene to interactive 3D scene to share with a client.

I'm unlucky since I don't know any freelance or employed 3D Artists in my professional network. I've got every other box ticked, graphic designers, artworkers, photographers, web developers, etc etc, but I don't know a 3D Artist so I'm hoping I can find someone on here who will be willing to help me.

We can of course agree a project fee as I'm absolutely willing to invest in the right person who can help me achieve my goal. I'm based in the UK and quite flexible with hours.

So if you think you're up for the challenge, get in touch! Leave a comment or perhaps send me a message through the forum and we can help.

Happy New Year!