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    I made a purchase and now I'm blacklisted

    I was so stoked to take advantage of the black Friday sale, so I purchased 3 Archmodel collections. Problem is, my credit card company flagged the attempt of the on-line purchase as fraudulent. I called the credit card company, and got the purchase, and fraudulent flag cleared, then I made the purchase again. When I attempted to make the purchase again, the charge was accepted, and our account was charged the amount of the purchase. But now I can't even download the purchases because Evermotion has blacklisted my email, and my IP address. I can't even contact Evermotion's support without getting an automated blacklisted response. Any ideas?
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    Aug 2012


    It's a trouble with our email, we are resolving it, don't worry about this "black list", we are processing emails that get to support / at/ evermotion.org in normal way.
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