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Name:	2019_00 - Lunden_AirportRemake_G_Architectural visualization rendering, Sunset Airport_Campus re.jpg 
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Fresh new image for academic purposes. I decided to remake an older project to see how it ends on a new vision. It seems that every time there is more to learn.
A small airport upgrade for a new facade and function.
Original design by Lunden Architecture.

I wanted to test corona on a large scale to see what issues may appear.
Besides the fact that noise from 200+ ies lights never goes away (maybe I should just replace them with vray cone lights), Corona worked wonderfully.No errors on renders or crashes. Autosave always worked. O denoising has been some issues due to high ram usage.The latest build really improved the rendering preparing and ram usage.
Specs. Corona 5 daily build Rendered 7000x7000 10mis/pass 200 passes Threadripper 2950x and about 80gb of RAM with light-mix 200 lights approx Image quality reduced to fit 15mb limit