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    P a l e.

    Hi guys! This is our last project i created with my colleague Nefeli Kallianou.

    Pale is a project that involved designing and visualizing an apartment that will be carefully composed to accommodate a set of images for branding purposes. We were committed to produce a bright flat with enlarged spaces, in modern minimalistic mood, maximizing as much natural light as possible. Having finished with our commercial part we got to develop our project a step further.



    Pale interior concept residence is fluid and minimalistic, with tactile elegance emphasize on bright architectural aesthetic encompassing living, kitchen and dining room in an open space with no official dividing. The neutral Pale palette is displayed through raw materials including concrete, dry-shade terrazzo, glass, wood and plaster. Natural stone and concrete floors reflect natural light from full-height arch shaped openings bringing nature’s influence inside the house and referencing the colours of Nordic ambient. For the furnishing layout we pumped most of our items from Danish design brands. You’ll spot some design pieces by Bolia as the Herringbone Patterned Bar cabinet by the Luxe series combined with the Calice vase in warmth orange and the rod bookcase of glass and powder coated steel that lays behind the Eave modular sofa by Menu. We chose the PP589 Bench an iconic decades-old design from 1953 which originally conceived by Hans Wegner. Some decorative props are the Criver sculpture and the Sphere Vases from 101 Cph. Additionally we implement some furniture pieces with viennese weave that creates a mute and calm effect among the rough concrete surfaces.


    In the technical aspects, having finished with key framing of camera movements our purpose was to give life and experiment with some props. Our intention was to achieve a feeling of a breeze that penetrates the main bedroom. With that being said we used Marvelous Designer to implement a wind simulation in order to give a slightly movement. Additionally a waving flame was added to the candle to enhance the flurry effect, which technical knowledge was absorbed by Johannes Lindqvist inspiring tutorials found on Patreon.


    In the book close up shot we chose the Friendly Shade's Cotton Fabric 02 that pops up every little detail of the blanket's surface. As orange is the dominant colour in this shot we were looking for some kind of dried plant textures to pair it. We ended up using the megascans library, which variaty let us great freedom to choose.

    Several scanned textures from both resources were used throughout Pale.

    You can check the full project presentation on Behance:

    We hope you enjoy!

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    The lighting looks amazing - textures too
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