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    E-Cycles: 2x faster rendering with Blender 2.80 and 2.79

    E-Cycles for GPU, a very optimized optimized version of Cycles the render engine of Blender has been released . With it you can render this scene from Evermotion in 2min55s on a single 1080Ti (compared to more than 25 minutes with the official Blender 2.79b version):

    Rendering usually takes very long and requires expensive hardware. The settings are hard to tweak and understand. Sometime, your clients change their mind faster than you can render and it's hard to meet the deadline. Sometime, to render in time, you reduce the quality and use tricks. When you donate to the foundation, you don't decide what it's used for and it may take very long to get results.

    E-Cycles 2.8x (beta) and 2.8x + 2.79x pack (stable) are made for professional artists and architects who needs speed, quality, support and want to concentrate on their art.

    With E-Cycles, you can:

    - render 1.7x up to 2.4x faster with CUDA, using the same settings or up to 8x faster using new powerful biased techniques (compared to latest 2.8 beta as of january 2019, even more compared to 2.79)

    - get fast support and bug fixing

    - render cleaner images at the same sample count

    - spare time by using auto tile size

    - get more speed than by upgrading your hardware or buying a new computer. You can keep your computer as it is, which is much more comfortable and also better for your wallet

    - Be sure your money will be used to make Cycles better and benefit from the improvements now.

    Buying another 1080Ti for example cost about 800 and you may have to buy another power supply (+100). So with E-Cycles you save at least 800-200 = 600, up to 700 in most cases.

    What people say:

    Flavio Della Tommasa "Obviously in terms of performance I believe the data speak for themselves. On 8 images, 2h each, I lost a day of calculation. With E-Cycles, in just over 2 hours I solved everything." https://blenderartists.org/t/e-cycle...ng/1139717/116

    "Impressive speed-ups", "support is good, all issues (specific to E-Cycles build) I have found and reported were quickly fixed" https://blenderartists.org/t/e-cycle...ing/1139717/79

    "The Speedup is amazing" https://blenderartists.org/t/e-cycle...ing/1139717/60

    "91s to 45s with a RTX 2070" https://blenderartists.org/t/e-cycle...ing/1139717/51

    "3m:09s to 1m:42s, needless to say, Im impressed!" https://blenderartists.org/t/e-cycle...ing/1139717/99

    Here is a comparison of render times on different scene with the 1080Ti and the 2080Ti:

    About me:

    I work on Cycles since 2015 (my first patch is here https://developer.blender.org/D1530) and already have several patches in official Blender.
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    The march update of E-Cycles brings a lot of new functionality:

    - Branched path tracing now also renders much faster and cleaner. Here is an example of the scene 009 from the Blender pack rendered in 33 seconds per frame on a single 1080Ti, 20sec using 1080Ti+1080, at 1080p, including all steps (render preparation, path tracing and file saving)

    As Youtube compresses heavily, here is one image from the video to see the full detail:

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    - The new intel denoiser is available, allowing to get good previews with low samples.
    The noisy image at 36spp:
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    The official Blender denoiser (21sec render time):
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    and denoised with E-Cycles AI-Denoiser from Intel:
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    - Viewport rendering cleans the noise also about 2x faster than the official Cycles version in many scenes. Here is a comparison of the official Blender Version (first part) and E-Cycles (second part)
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    Path tracer are slow or you want to upgrade your old graphic card but have a limited budget. With E-cycles, select a fast preset, hit render, your optimization is done. With a real time renderer, you would have to convert and tweak a lot of things, tricks would break in animation. This archviz renders in 5 seconds on a 2080Ti with untouched Cycles materials. 2 clicks to switch to switch to nearly real time rendering, with still higher quality while ensuring stability in your animations.
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    If you need more quality with a real time renderer, you will quickly hit a wall. With E-Cycles, 2 clicks to select the high quality profile and hit render, still rendering 2x faster than with vanilla Cycles using the same quality:
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    You can get E-cycles on the Blender Market https://www.blendermarket.com/products/e-cycles 10 with 50% off using the code blendermarket until Sunday.
    Gumroad also has the offers:

    for E-Cycles 2.8x with 50% off: https://gum.co/tsTuV/7vcfa2g 6 or
    2.79x with 50% off: https://gum.co/SeYhy/727l0tl 5

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