Hello everyone, I'm a lighting artist in Unreal Engine 4.

Well, really I'm a programmer, with a B.S in Computer Science, specialized in CG, but since I have always been passionate about stunning image quality in video games, I thing it was just a matter of time finding out that Architectural Visualization is what I wanted to do.

My last job was as a Project Manager, being in charge of a 4 3D Artist group, with activities so wide as Lighting, creation of materials, programming, VR Adaptation, Maya plugins development, supervising the assets created by the artist, creating terrains, general research to improve workflow and even some photogrammetry.

Here is the last work, all you see was made from scratch (except the tv and light switches):

VR Version:

Still images:

Demo 2_Livingroom.jpg

Demo 2_Main Bedroom.jpg

Demo 2_2nd Bathroom.jpg

Demo 2_4.jpg

Demo 2_4.jpg

Demo 2_Main Bathroom.jpg


Here is my complete CV:

Greetings and happy rendering.
Francisco Suarez.