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    Clear Your Boring Day with These Sports Games for Android

    You've got a day off to spend on a couch? Why not make it more exciting and active? Check out these interesting sports games for Android to clear your boredom.

    Sports game for Android are among the top downloaded games on any app store and has never dropped its number. Sports games, unlike adventure games, can take you a while to get used to all the techniques.

    Being sporty doesn't mean you have to spend all your relaxing time on the field. Time to rest your muscles and let the fingers work. Check out these sports game apk files to get your favourite Sport game today

    Score! Hero

    This game is listed in the top 100 downloads on Google Play Store. It offers top-notch graphics yet easy gameplay to tackle with. You will have complete control over the ball to pass and shoot.

    At the initial, you will go through a training section before being ready for the field. The character that represents you in the game can be modified with hairstyle, color, jersey number and more.

    The challenge here lies in more than 580 levels to build your career, so the game is surely the best sports game to kill your sorrow.

    Punch Boxing 3D

    A good news for fan of this kicking sport, Punch Boxing 3D will make you excited with plenty of tasks to do with your opponents. Your duty is to kick to victory.

    3D graphics gives the game a more realistic, visual and smooth gameplay with amazing responsive control and intricating sound effect.

    To get your career started, walk through the tutorial of kick, punch, hook, uppercuts, block, and dodge. Once you're over the basic, time to prove the man in you. If your opposing fighter is a tough guy, head
    to the gym in your profile and train yourself to defeat him. Sounds cool, doesn't it?

    Real Racing 3

    If you can craft your car and dare to pick up the road, go ahead. But if you can't afford that, quench your thirst of speed with this racing game, one of the hottest Sport games out there.

    The game is among the best sports games for Android. It will blow your mind with excellent graphic design, alive sound and superimposing cars. Race and earn points to unlock your dream cars. You also have abundant options to upgrade your vehicle with a super turbo engine and beat any challenger.

    You will get addicted to endless events and achievements to win. Get this free sports game now and burn the road.

    Ultimate Tennis

    Do you want to become a world tennis player? Fill that wish this Ultimate Tennis sports game for Android. Get used to the control and begin your international tour today.

    The sports game apk is equipped with stunning graphics and responsiveness to every movement. Run and hit but don't forget to enjoy huge waves of applause after every score. Getting into this game, you will never know what boredom is.

    It's time to play

    Download these sports games to your Android device and enjoy every minute playing. For more information about our new store, check: https://plus.google.com/communities/...02235007305786. Have fun!
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