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    How to make your FBX file have textures in unreal engine 4?

    hey everyone.

    i am new to UE4's material editor. and i have got the Evermotion Archmodels Vol. 165 to make a post apocalyptic game. there are a few things i really don't understand:

    In the file of the download i find the following: (look at pc sc 3)

    so i import the FBX file in Unreal Engine 4 and i have this: (look at pc sc 4)

    then i import the textures in the same folder (the name of the folder is 001 (see pc sc 4))

    and then i open up the material "AM165_001_01_vb.AM165_001_01_vb" and do this inside it with the textures (look at pc sc 2 (i've putted the names of the textures near the texture sample. I click apply and save and then i see the textures added to the FBX (i've used the same material on the glass and the body of the car) but it doesnt really look the same like in the render picture (look at pc sc). also what do i need to do with AM165_001_01_chrome_vb and AM165_001_01_glass_vb?

    Thanks for the help everyone!

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    Hi, Daniel! This collection was made for 3ds Max and V-Ray - it's totally different render engine than Unreal Engine. I would suggest to put the model in some texture painting software and mix textures from the collection with your own textures, to achieve desired look. Collections that are not made for Unreal never will look ok in this engine "out of the box", models require retexturing, Unreal materials have also different settings when it comes to specularity and refraction. The best workflow in my opinion is to import FBX file to Unreal and Substance Painter, re-texture everything in Substance Painter and export new textures to Unreal.
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    @dr_After, thank you very much for your reply. it is clear to me now. thnx for the help!
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