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    Two OS in single laptop

    How to run or install two operating system in a single laptop
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    1) You can take any Linux distribution
    2) Install mac os on pc virtualbox
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    lol, here is the topic about it.
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    Yes you can install two or more operating systems on one PC and have a dual / multi boot system. I have personally tried the following combinations on laptops and desktops:

    Windows and Linux

    Windows, Linux and FreeBSD

    Windows, Linux and Solaris (Intel)

    Windows, Linux (Fedora / CentOS) and Linux (Ubuntu)

    You need to follow a proper sequence and configure the boot loader appropriately. There are a number of articles and references available on the internet.

    In case of a dual or multi boot system you will be able to use only one Operating System at a time.

    If you want to run multiple Operating Systems simultaneously, you can go for citrix xendesktop Virtualization or virtual server hosting.
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