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    BOUNTY HUNT - A Star Wars Fan Film


    Hey everyone, itís been a while since Iíve posted here, but in the midst of crazy amount of client work in the last couple of months, Iíve finally managed to finish my latest personal project. BOUNTY HUNT is out! This short fan film is based on an old n64 game called Shadows of the Empire and explores how an R-Rated Star Wars film might feel like.

    Technical: Rendered with Octane for 3ds Max, average render time for the space sequence was around 40 seconds per frame at 512 samples, while the junkyard scene averaged anywhere between 40 seconds up to 2 minutes per frame at 2048 samples with pathtracing. Rendered on a 4x EVGA 980ti Hybrid workstation, switched to substance painter for texturing, after effects for post.
    As always thereís a complete project breakdown on Behance including some free posters, as well as a 20 minute narrated breakdown video. I wanted to share as much of my workflow as I could, I really hope someone finds any of this useful.


    FILM Ė https://vimeo.com/266741574
    PROCESS Ė https://vimeo.com/266739345
    BEHANCE Ė https://www.behance.net/gallery/6492...-Wars-Fan-Film
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