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    Simulated handheld footage in UE4

    Hello, guys.

    I had this idea of simulating a handheld footage of an archviz project of mine and see if I could get an extra layer of realism. I planned to post these videos initially on my Instagram (that's why I shot it vertically). The shaking was intentional because I wanted to give the footage an amateur feeling (maybe a little too much).

    How I did it:

    I used a Vive to capture my hand movements. I modified the UE4 VR Character Pawn by attaching a Render Target to the right Vive Controller and rendering that to a texture. Then I created a material with that texture and applied it to a rectangle mesh which was also attached to the right controller so I could see what the camera was capturing during gameplay. With that setup I could simulate the experience of shooting something with a smartphone in the VR world.

    In the Level Blueprint I created a reference of another camera spawned in the level. I attached that camera to the Render Target inside player's pawn. With the Sequence Recorder I recorded the animations of that camera after hitting "play in VR" and that's it. I entered my virtual apartment and started recording stuff. When I was done, the camera sequence was all there so I could play it again, change exposure, aperture, dof, post process, etc etc...

    After shooing the loft for a while I got inspired and decided to give it a try on an exterior sandbox project I have here:

    I hope you guys enjoy it. Please feel free to comment and/or ask anything.
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