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    A year with 3D

    Hi all,

    This is my first post here in Evermotion. I would like to share my latest images for a quick scene to mark my 1 year of having fun with 3D. By saying having fun means that I am not earning a living with it, 3D is just my hobby that I have been ejoying alot in learning and pushing myself.

    By an accident, I had to do some schematic 3Ds on November 2016, had no idea about 3D rendering at that time, and soon I realize 3D is my biggest passion in life. I mainly used SketchUp and Vray for SU but just recently taught myself to use 3DsMax and Fstorm for nearly 3 months. Still needs lots of improvement but hope you guys will enjoy it.

    Some models are from Johannes Lindqvist, thank you for the great work you have been giving to the community .

    High resolution link: https://www.behance.net/gallery/5852...-112016-112017

    Cheers guys,
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    Nice work but you should make an effort to be forthcoming about where you've sourced some of you work. It's pretty clear that you've made heavy use of Johannes Lindqvist's Patreon page. There's nothing wrong with using other's models but Johannes has been gracious enough to share his knowledge and insights (& models) with the 3D community and should probably get some credit imo.
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    Hi jtmorris,

    That is true that I forgot to credit him. I credit him on the Fstorm fb page but not here. What a mistake I have done!!!

    But then, the word 'heavy use' is a bit too much as I only use the armchairs, the carpet, and the heater with a bit of tweaks in the materials. To be honest, I have only watched 2 first videos from his patreon page since all of the videos are way too long and haven't really adapted his lighting nor material workflow. I know the my scene, lighting setup and materials are full of faults but at least I do appreciate other's work.

    Credit already added in the original post!!! Sorry guys

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    nice bro, i like it !!!
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    Nov 2017

    Hi hppav,

    I am feeling offended now since I am an Australian who is living in Australia and don't do the dirty thing that you just said. But then I am not surprised as well since you only taking things in a narrow perspective. I once upload those images first on fstorm facebook page and of course I had the credit in there. With just 1 single moment of forgetting something and you assume that I am one of 'the ones'. But then I understand since you only have 3 posts in 7 years of joining this forum.

    Please, if you can find anywhere that you can drag and drop things just like in my images, let me know.

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    Let's keep this civil guys There is no need to be harsh here. Yes, I can see the trouble, because this work went to Editor's Choice Gallery, and if it is not original it should not get there - so I apologize that we didn't double check it.

    On the other side - I ask not to post any offensive comments, we all know that the most of arch-viz works are re-using 3rd party models (well, this is what Evermotion is for!). The result is what counts. And I think that the result above is great.
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    I am open for you to check if it is original or not. People didn't say anything even on the original fstorm facebook page. At my first post and here comes the unnecessary conversation. But anyway, I am still loving Evermotion and the team behind it, so keep on the good work guys
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    Hi all,
    To be hornest also.
    Some Vietnamese could use other models without payment, but not all. So please if we - the Vietnamese could show how effort for 3d works, let try to say something better to give them the support not like just the bad things.
    I used to be here 3 years ago with some works and now still some funny words give for Vietnamese like that way.
    So please just give experience and then It would be better !
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    Some extracted views from the project just to bring the ambience down a bit
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