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    Hi Peeps,
    When I started the "Streetstyle" project, I only wanted to do a couple of still images with some nice angles and stuff like that. The plan was to design a cool museum place to show some kind of artworks there. So, I started to design a few wall graphics as well, and in the middle of the project I came up with the idea to create an animation based on freestyle drone videos. A couple of weeks ago I built my first freestyle drone so I I knew how they work, fly and I understood how they react in the air between the different kind of acro movements. I also was studying the gopro footages from the pros and analyzed their flights and acro tricks. I thought it will be easy to animate the camere because I never really done any animations before but apperantly one of the hardest thing in 3d to animate the movement, speed and the gravity It was a massive challenge for me but I`m quite happy with the result and hopefully you will like it to!

    Feel free to visit my facebook page

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    The BEST!!!!
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    Feb 2013

    great work.
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    What can I say? You are the Man!!! Want to see more.
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    pretty interesting !!
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    Sep 2013

    Thanks Guys!
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    Very nice! Finally something less typical
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