i cant figure out why my car model doesn't apply pre set materials as it should.
I have evermotion V-ray scene with a car, and i want to export it to another project that is on Corona render engine.

Steps that i do:

1. I delete everything in that scene where is car, and only leave car itself.
2. Then i save it as normal project.
3. Then i open other project in witch i want to place that car, drag and drop car project with Merge option.
4. Then i go to customize user path and browse to maps location.
5. Then i convert materials with corona material converter.
6. Car render looks bad, it seams that materials are not fully applied or something went wrong.

What is interesting, when i convert materials to corona in origin car project, and render it, it works 100%, but when i place it in my project something goes wrong.

Anyone have any ideas how i can fix this? I spent all day trying to fix this