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    Oct 2007

    Tutorial: VRay Sun and Sky for exterior

    Hi Everyone.

    Recently I’ve started trying to get a photorealistic exterior picture with V-Ray Sun and Sky elements. After approximately 20 hours of experiments I finally got the appropriate result. So I decided to share the experience with everyone.

    Download this scene:
    or of course, you can test this with your own.

    It has everything set up except of V-Ray SUN.

    Now let us begin.

    1. Add a V-Ray SUN to our scene. Place it and angle however you like. You can see how I put it on screenshot below. When V-Ray asks you about placing a default V-Ray Sky Map as your Environment map say “NO”, we’ll manually put it and set it up.

    2. Now open material editor (M – hot key by default) and select empty material slot. Next, press the “Get Material” button to bring up your Material/Map Browser window and choose “VRaySky”. Name it “Sky BG”. Check the ticker next to “manual sun node” and pick up our VRaySun by pressing button next to “sun node”. Set “sun intensity multiplier” to 0,45.

    3. Now open “Environment and Effects” window by pressing “8” or from Main Toolbar “Rendering > Environment”. Now drag “Sky BG” to the Environment map and make it and Instance.

    4. Now select another empty material slot in “Material Browser” and assign new “VRaySky” map to it with name “Sky RR” (Reflection / Refraction). Set it up exactly as we did it with our previous sky map.
    5. Finally, lets get to set up or render. Here are the settings for the renderer.

      Now a bit of explanation of what we’ve done.
      • Frame Buffer. This is alternative of Max’s default render buffer. It just has more tool than the default one.
      • Global switches. Here we disabled default lights that Max places to every scene to make objects visible in viewports.
      • GI: Here we just selected our GI engines. You can read about each of them. And lowered the Saturation. The Saturation means the amount of mixing colors of nearly placed objects.
      • Irradiance map: you could have selected “Very Low” preset, but we manually put the setting to optimize our rendering a bit. For Final Rendering use High preset.
      • Light Cache: same as Irradiance, we lowered some of amounts to get our render calculated faster.
      • Environment. We’ve placed early created Sky RR map to our reflection and refraction channels and increased their multipliers.
      • Color mapping: Basically, all parameters except the “color mapping” are for setting up a default GI environment. Key parameter here is Gamma in “Color Mapping” rollout. And we don’t affect our Background. This gives additional control over our sky without touching lights and globals. Below, I’ve attached some pictures with different Gamma value. You can see how it affects the image.

    if you render your scene, you should have something like this as the result !NOTE, we missed a part of placing an Grass dispalcement onto our plane. It's included in Complete Scene archive.

    this is pretty close to the reality.

    if you change the gamma to 1,6 for example, you'll get something like this:

    Now you can play with parameters and maybe you'll get it useful.

    Complete Scene is located here:

    Best Regards,
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    Oct 2007

    One more thing. If you want to play with camera, here's the useful link for calculation and basic understanding of Exposure:

    Some info here too:
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    Jan 2004

    thanks man very good job ,i leqrn mqny times outdoor lighting scene
    never seen before this very good job.
    one more time thanks,i4m curios why they are not people to apreciate this job
    excuse my bad english
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    Oct 2007

    Thank you! I'm glad you found it useful!
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    May 2007

    thanks a lot....i was really confused with exterior lighting
    this tut helped me a lot
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    May 2007

    thanks its very useable for me.
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    Feb 2004

    i love you!
    but serious. GOOD JOB. thx
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    Aug 2005

    You are no 1!super share
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    Aug 2006

    thanks a lot lot,your tutorial realy help a lot to me.
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    Jun 2007

    i can't download the file plz i don't have RapidShare
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    Jan 2008

    thanks i will try it
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    Apr 2007

    wrong topic lol *bye bye*
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    Jan 2008

    First of all, thanks a lot! I would never guess it by my self.

    Just I've a problem whith the backgroung color, mine is clearer, almost white, I put exactly the same render like you.
    Could be because I'm using Vray 1.5?

    And a second question, what about the desplacement grass, I can't guess the right tiling...please...

    Thanks anyway.
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    Aug 2007

    i think this tutorial is too short...
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    Dec 2006

    Thanks for tips and downloadable files
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    Aug 2005

    thanks a lot , good job
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    Mar 2005

    thanks for sharing your knowledge

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    Apr 2008

    thanks a lot....i was really confused with exterior lighting
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    May 2008

    thanks a lot lot,your tutorial realy help a lot to me.
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    Jan 2008

    Hmmm, Somehow!!


    It Somehow helps me, but it was too short, you shall explain more. overall it was usefull.

    Thanks Anyway.

    For belalyehya:

    Originally posted by:
    i can't download the file plz i don't have RapidShare
    Just Click on the link, you will go to a page, click free, then wait till the counts over, put the Number and alphabets in the box, click download and enjoy! You will be familiar with Rapidshare Soon! it is the most complex download server in the world!

    That's it.
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