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    Dec 2013

    Vray Max - 3 panes of glass blacked out?

    Please someone help me! I am setting up a interior shot that looks out over the sea. I have double glazed windows (2 panes of glass modelled) and I have a glass balustrade externally (1 pane of glass). When I render the image the external glass balustrade becomes black. pp - 3_edit.jpg If I turn my Window layer off the external balcony glazing renders fine.

    I've upped max depth and tried all sorts but it remains black. I've got as far as realising it happens when I have 3 panes of glass. I have deleted one pane from the main window but still get the blackness where the internal glass balustrade is visible in front of the window and balcony glazing.

    What am I missing!

    Thanks in advance

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    Sep 2013

    Have you increase or untick the override depth in the global switch (vray tab in the render settings)?
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    Apr 2017

    Is Your glass two sides?
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