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    materials missing in 3ds max 2016


    what is the correct way to bring in archmodels in 3ds max 2016 including materials correctly applied?

    I have standard setup on 3ds max 2016 and no matter if i "merge" or "open" any archmodel its materials are missing and appear completely black.

    I have tried:
    -let the textures in the folder where they were (separate from the .max files)
    -put the .max files and textures togeter in one folder before bringing them into max
    - "get material" from selected object in material browser in unreal and get no material

    In all cases the objects are black with no material assigned.

    My workflow would be to export the models later in FBX to use in Unreal, so i would need at least the materials assigned with their correct names when exporting. Ideally the export includes the materials and textures, but if that does not work, then i can manually re-assign the materials in Unreal. But if the material name gets lost in 3ds max then its bad.

    I hope you can replicate my error/problem and give me a solution for it.
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    1. Are you merging Vray models or MR models?? if Vray: do you have Vray installed??
    2. After merging a model, configure your user paths so 3dsmax knows where to look for textures - go to customize >> configure user paths and add the path where the textures are, if you put all the archmdoels textures in one place you have to do it only once. for more support use contact form: http://www.evermotion.org/contact
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    welcome to www.vismats.com - free materials and textures for vray ))
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