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    Oct 2015

    Secret Garden Challenge 2016 - SamH

    Hi all!

    Just saw the challenge post today on Evermotion! How exciting and great theme! So far, I have a few themes in mind which I will have to sort out during the research phase.

    A few directions to go:

    1. The Garden of Eden: with a classical painting look, something made of fantasy and dreams, romantic and idealistic on the surface but perhaps something under all that beauty?

    2. Scifi Garden: Mankind progressed to live in space and other planets of the solar system. We have developed high-tech futuristic garden that satisfy both our need for food, leisure and a place for mental retreat

    3. Good 'ol simple garden in my grandparents' cottage in the country side. When I enter the garden in the morning, I can feel the sunshine on my skin. I can smell the sweetness of the flowers and fruits. My mind is dancing with the butterflies courting in mid-air from bush to bush... I can feel the soil on my finger tips, the freshness of the water.....

    That's probably enough ideas to go off for now. Hopefully in the coming week, I can put together some mood boards, references, etc...
    I will probably start with a few different rough ideas and then cut down. I do have about 2 and a half month to produce 1 image
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    Oct 2015

    So it's been quite a while, I have been developing the concept for this challenge and I got carried away .
    I wanted to create something mystical, kinda creepy. Initially, I had the idea of stumbling upon a mystical tree where creepy but beautiful women grow on it, and I went on to paint a few concepts... and finally arrived at the concept where the audience accidentally stumble upon a beautiful woman in a magical lake/forest/garden.
    Haha, I got quite carried away so I guess I really gotta start the modelling now
    Attachment 173546
    Attachment 173547
    Attachment 173548
    Attachment 173549
    Attachment 173550
    Attachment 173551
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    Oct 2015

    I have always been fascinated by classical sculptures of people, that's why I decided to include a human figure in this garden theme piece but have the figure blend in and become part of the scene.

    Click image for larger version. 

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