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    3D design software for my brother

    Hello everyone,

    My brother started playing a game you all have probably heard of "Mine Craft" when it first come out in 2011, and to be honest i am amazed at he landscapes, buildings, out side fun parks you name it he's built it. Then about a year ago he turned around and said how interested he is getting in game design. Now i have no clue about it so bare with me. It is my brothers birthday coming up soon so i want to get him his first game designing software. But i don't know where to start??? i have been searching online 3D animation software classified ads sites, for sale sites and googling and i am still as clueless as i was in the beginning. That's why i am here to get as much information as you can all share with me!! What are the best software systems for beginners??

    Adventure Game Studio
    Construct 2
    RPG Maker VX Ace
    Game Salad
    Game Maker: Studio

    This will be a great start into a fun future for my brother hes got talent and a massive imagination. Any information will be greatly appreciated

    Example image below of the kind of things he can do


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    As it turns out i have played with a few and watched some YouTube tutorials, the Game Maker: studio software seems pretty good and has everything a beginner will need to succeed in the 3D animation world

    For the readers
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    Oki thanks Ani for list. Contect to me if you need a web design service.
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    I just wanted to know at which age did he started to use MIne Craft. And what happened that changed his mind that as he was do great landscape and building design.
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    Wow, i like it!
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