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    Oct 2012

    Dark, spotty patches in interior rendering


    I've been doing an interior rendering with Vray for 3ds Max and I've got a problem with some dark, spotty patches in certain areas of my image. If you look carefully at the image in the attachment, you can see this on the wall to the left and on the ceiling. How can this be rectified?

    I suspect this may be an issue with my GI engines though I am not 100% sure.

    The settings I'm using are as follows:

    Secondary Ray Bias: 0.02
    Image Sampler: Adaptive DMC
    Anti-aliasing filter: Mitchtell Netravali
    Colour mapping: Exponential (+ sub pixel mapping + clamp rollout)

    GI Primary engine: Irradiance Map - on 'medium' preset
    GI Secondary engine: Light Cache - on 2000 subdivs, rest default

    No Vray sun, just a GI environment multiplier of 8.

    Can anyone help with this issue? Thanks a lot in advance.
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    Sep 2008

    It's the irradiance map. Higher settings will fix it.
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    Jan 2013

    It's pretty hard to lit interior scenes just with a skylight. Maybe you should add manually some vrLights to your scene (windows)
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    Sep 2008

    I wouldn't move from the lighting setup you already have, it's nonsense that you can't light interior scenes with a skylight; you can. You just need to crank up the settings on your irradiance map, and perhaps increase interpolation to smooth out blotches.
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    Mar 2015

    try to turn off the ''use map '' button in the environment settings , upper the vray sky map button. this should fix
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    May 2012

    no .proper gi is not flowing in side the room. less light protons. give some light to pass through .
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    Apr 2012

    You should increase your ir map setting.
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