I bought an Archinterior collection recently and I haven't been able to render a single image yet. Very disappointed with the product.
The scene's V-Ray setting apparently is for version 2.4. I'm not sure even the setting is correct. If you are not willing to update the models at least have an instruction for the optimized setting with your models when you sell the product. The reason why I buy a model as an artist is that I don't want to spend time on learning in depth features of 3ds Max and V-ray or any other 3d App for that matter. I like to open a scene, possibly adjust the cam location and hit the render button and not to deal with learning the whole 3d max and V-ray manual and on top of that, have an extremely time consuming trial and error rendering a scene.
Also you should provide with each scene a render time based on a machine you have used so as a paying customer I have a bench mark for rendering on my own machine or in a render farm.

So please provide best settings and respective time and the machine you used for each scene in Archinterior Vol. 31.