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    Jul 2014


    Here is the time to show you the final result!!!

    But the evening is not over yet, I will post all the credits for the models, somes screens of the post-production and also some other angles and wires..!

    I hope you'll like the final result, good luck to everyone !!

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Evermotion_Denis_Stevens_Loft_3d_Final_02.jpg 
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Name:	Denis_Stevens_Loft_Crop_01.jpg 
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Name:	Denis_Stevens_Loft_Crop_02.jpg 
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Name:	Denis_Stevens_Loft_Crop_03.jpg 
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Name:	Denis_Stevens_Loft_Crop_04.jpg 
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    Here are some technical pictures:

    1. A picture showing all the models I created or deeply customized (textured) and all the models from 3Dscky, render people and Evermotion (best provider ever ; )

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Credits.jpg 
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    2. A picture showing my post-production in After Effects (I plan to make an animation..)

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Denis_Stevens_Post-Production.jpg 
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    3. A wire of the full scene.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	denis_stevens_loft_3d_wip_23.jpg 
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ID:	156489
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    Jul 2011

    Like it ! A looot of details, that's cool !
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    Apr 2011

    Love the details on the plane and the general mood of the image!
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    Sep 2010

    Wow! Not disappointed with the result, it was worth waiting for it! Congratulations Denis 3D ;-)
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    Jul 2014

    I forgot to tell you about the programs I used:

    - 3Ds Max 2016
    - Vray 3.2
    - After Effects
    - Photoshop

    And finaly, I wanted to tell you about the story that made me create this picture...

    When I was younger, every year, I used to go to my uncle Brad. Everytime I got in there, I was totaly absorbed and impressed by all the things I could see. So many things were displayed all around the place.. Sculptures, souvenirs, paintings, every single object was telling me stories and mysteries.

    My uncle was a kind of adventurer teacher and collector. He has lived in many countries, had survived many dangerous situations. He also tried every alcool from the further lands... He was my hero.

    I rememeber the evenings we spend together when we were only the two of us. He described me his travels with passion just near the fireplace. I enjoyed it so much. I was fascinated by his life, and by all the objects he has been collected through the years. Everywhere in his place I had things to see, secrets to discover. It was the best place in the world.

    I used to climb the stairs, search for magical objects in the drawers, read mysterious books... We spent hours playing games and having fun. It was a magical place. My uncle was unique.

    I remember me looking at the world map, guessing where he had been with his plane. Imagining which dented way he had ride on his motorbike... Every minute I spent in this incredible loft was a like living in a dream.

    Now I'm 34, and I still visit my uncle. He doesn't change, he still my hero. When I look at him, I tell myself... One day, I'll be like him, a great man.

    On this picture, you can see us, enjoying a wonderfull evening. It was only a few days ago. His place is still amazing. A place where the time doesn't matter. A place where it is so good to be.

    I'm looking forward to getting back there.. As soon as I can..
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    Jul 2014

    Have a great night !!

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