I purchased Evermotion Archmodel collections 131 and 113 which were in OBJ format during your Black Friday sale. I am now converting them to C4D for my own use. I am also cleaning up some of the models as the originals have sidewalks going through roads, trees in roads, wrong and missing maps, etc. Not sure if these errors are from the conversion process because my only reference to validate that the modeling errors are not from the OBJ to C4D conversion comes from close examination of the rendered images provided by Evermotion.

Nevertheless, this is a great deal of work....oddly, I am having the time of my life especially as I create new luminance maps for the building windows, car headlights, alpha maps for the cars and fine tune the reflection maps. Here is a WIP of one of the conversions (more tweaking is still needed):


Question....when I am done with this, would Evermotion be interested in them? I know you provide C4D content, but not as much as I would hope in all of your collections and this would help fill that gap a little bit for other customers.