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    Sep 2013

    Valley of the Monkeys

    Hello Everyone!

    I would like to show you my recent project that I have been working on for a while, called Valley of the Monkeys. The rough idea came from a project that I made in the office a few months ago. It was a beautiful Zen garden with a small pavilion in the middle. I really enjoyed working on a project like that and found extremely interesting to create a Zen garden. So I decided to make my own mysterious garden...

    I spent a lot of time searching for references, thinking about the project and designing how each image should look in the end. The research part took almost the same amount of time as producing the final images .

    The biggest challenge was to create a kind of story-line using architecture, weather and environment together. Each image has a different mood and atmosphere. Our view moves from inside towards the outside. Zooming out until the third shot allows to see everything.

    Softwares I used:
    3ds max, Vray, Photoshop,
    I made the trees with Speedtree.

    Thanks for watching and feel free to visit my facebook fan page

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    Apr 2010

    really great work!! lighting and textures are spot on, i love the mysty feeling, amazing
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    Oct 2009

    Spectacular !

    I think the trees alone make those pictures shine. What are your thoughts on Speedtree ? Does it provide enough flexibility to controll the tree growth in every manner you wished ?

    Can you controll phylotaxy - leaf orientation in relation to the ground etc in it ?
    Would be awesome if you could post some clay renders of some of the trees alone !

    Congratulations on the marvelous work again !
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    Oct 2010

    realy nice mood, congrats
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    Sep 2013

    Thank you Guys!

    Terenas: I spent one whole day for testing but it wasn`t enough to know everything about speedtree. If your English is good, probably its going to be easier for u... . Honestly Im not really satisfied with my trees. Im not saying that they are not better than some of the generic premade models but its need more work. I had some problems to place the leaves. They are look strange at the and of the branches. Unfortunatelly I couldnt figure it out how can I fix this problem. But anyway if u want to make some specific trees, I really recommend it !
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    Feb 2012

    great render. nice mood and post prodution
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    Feb 2006

    Best of . Really damn nice love it!
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    Hello, very good work !! as always.
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    Mar 2011

    Your work its always very inspiring Tamás ! nice mood, post, etc... Congratulations! i thought you get THE BEST OF with Carribean, maybe its time Evermotion .. just one question, the grass its a custom model or simply a displacemente? it have a really nice variations of color .. just that..

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    Sep 2013

    Thank you guys your kind words Really!

    Toms86: the grass is both of. I wanted to achieve a kinda mossy feeling. I used a moss texture for displacement and I scatterd maybe 5-6 different small grass to get a hairy feeling. U can see that especially where the sun is hitting the ground.
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    Jul 2013

    You Are Amazing . . . . (Y)
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    Mar 2010

    Really like this one.
    The first images are a bit dark but the second series is gorgeous.
    Very nice peaceful atmosphere.
    Didn't knew about Speedtree, seems very powerful but a bit expensive.
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    Oct 2010

    Really very nice job..
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    Mar 2011

    This is the kind of work that keeps me browsing this forum. Great work mister m3dve and besides that thanks for sharing it with us, theres no need of "technicalities" here just enjoying the work.
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    May 2012

    very nice work man really nice specially life in view and monkey family's i like it.
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    Sep 2013

    Thank you soo much! Also George R.! I realy appreciate your comment . Its funn to do something thats a little bit different that I usually do at work and what u see every day...
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    Nov 2010

    Amazing images!
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    Feb 2006

    Really enjoyed this work,something different,rather inspiring!
    I think there's too much green on trees, maybe that's the intention...i would reduce the saturation level or red biased color correction on them.
    I like the way you blended those monkeys into the scene. Surrounding, atmosphere and depth in the scene...excellent work!
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    May 2011

    simply inspiring
    awesome job
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    Feb 2013

    congratulations m3dve
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