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    Laptop workstation in 2017, need advice

    Hello guys.
    I need some advice about powerful laptop.
    I'm videographer and now I'm starting to make VFX and compositing.

    I'm not truly CG artist, but I'm planning to use 3rd party made 3d objects for big compositing scenes. Now I have MBP 2012 which is pretty good for editing but extremely not enough for AE and compositing software. That's why I decided to go upgrade. I'm traveling a lot so workstation laptop is more suitable for me. But need to say that I didn't follow up the hardware news last years, so don't know much about it now so I would like to ask your advice.

    1) Mainly I work with:
    Premier Pro 40%
    Davinci Resolve 10%
    After Effects 30%
    Blender 3D 20%
    2) Also I'm planning to use Nuke in future.
    3) I would like to keep my hardware setup without upgrades for next 4-5 years.
    4) My budget is up to $4500 (better less, but if not - this price is ok too)

    From what I learned from the internet there are many good laptops now with i7 and Xeon, 32-64Gb Ram, 4-8Gb Graphics but don't have a clue what is better for my use. Of course more power is always better, but I also don't want to waste the money if my workstation will work for my tasks only on 50% of its possibilities.
    I have found different good solutions from Dell, such as Precision 5100, new 5200 and 17" 7100.
    I pretty like Dell 7100 with 3.7 GHz Xeon, 64Gb RAM, NVidia Quadro 5000 8Gb, 1TB SSD and 17" UHD IGZO (3840x2160) which is fit into my price range. But I'm wondering if it's not too "huge" and may be I don't need so much powerful workstation.
    Or may be better choose something more cheap and simple around 32GB Ram, 4Gb Graphics, etc.

    I'm saying about Dell just because I had one from this brand many time before and don't know enough about other manufacturers which has specialisation in professional laptops. So the other good brand could be also good.

    So I would be very appreciated for any recommendations. Thanks.
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    PM me, I sent info to your email!
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    My personal experience is i7 is enough for video editing. you can use Lenovo Laptop with I7 or above specs.
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    I think now you should pick something with RTX graphics and i9 on the board.
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