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    Cityscape Icons

    Dear All,

    Cityscape Icons is a project that comprises of two different design setups in which i represent the subject of the icon buildings atop a cityscape realm.

    The project approaches different point of views through the cityscape where the buildings affects the cityscape topology and gets affected by it, It catches a special moments in a city life, when you can see and feel all cityscape elements, construction, towers, buildings, roads, trucks, people,ships etc....

    The Harbor Service Building aims to become not only a gateway, but also a destination, a metropolitan space for public use and access to the waterfront. Its mass creates a hybrid of typologies. Atop the urban podium sits a contorted crystal, connected by a large atrium. The podium allows for a new harbor park with expansive views towards the City and its harbor. A diamond- shaped depression within the podium anchors the building in the site, articulating the fork at the corner where site directionalities diverge. In contrast to the more stationary podium, the coiling mass containing the harbor offices is orientated to the most important directions of the site with hovering projections. The coiling of the tower creates a partially enveloped central plaza between the offices, which is articulated by a rusticated facade treatment, producing a distinct sense of cavernous interiority. Like a large amethyst geode, the monolithic nature of the exterior mass contrasts with the extremely ornate environment.

    The visual design is meant to compliment and celebrate the core concepts of the project, while highlighting its key features and representing it with a real sense of spaces/locations/site/details and design.

    Softwares used
    Autocad, 3dmax, vray, Photoshop,
    Ghost town plugin helped a lot to create the cityscape topologies and cause i used the lit version so i just kept some of the base buildings in the background.

    Hope you like it .

    In collaboration with Jimmy Vincent

    Open the link for full res

    Open the link for full res

    Open the link for full res

    Black and white for backgrounds

    Open the link for full res

    Open the link for full res

    Open the link for full res

    Open the link for full res

    Best regards
    Karim Moussa
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    Feb 2010

    omg best work pro.
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    Feb 2013

    amazing, I could not believe my eyes
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    Sep 2013

    I would like to see a little bit more details on you images.. Good stuff!

    btw... Now I realized something after I saw the highres versions! The floor tiles on the last image. I know it...
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    Feb 2007

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    May 2007

    Thanks very much for the comments i really appreciate it,
    Thanks very much Evermotion Guys for the Best of Award it is such a great prize

    We have been always learning quite a lot from the evermotion forums so thanks for it.

    Best regards
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    May 2007

    Outstanding ya Karim
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    Jan 2014

    good work! really it's a piece of art
    the best work

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    Jul 2011

    Awesome! Congratulations for The Best Of Evermotion!
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    Oct 2011

    lovely work
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    Oct 2008

    Amazing work my friend I liked it a lot. I think another award is waiting for you
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    being a while since your last job . great one
    how much it took to model everything can u talk more about the process
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    May 2007

    Thanks very much my dear friends, i really appreciate all your amazing comments, i am happy that you liked it,

    Hassan regarding the process, i have to say it was a little bit of heavy duty scenes, i tried from the beginning to distribute the scenes into several xref scenes probably up to 16, and also it was mandatory to use vray proxies for the cars, trees, roof accessories, street landscape and light elements models, even some of the buildings, i started off with a very base model almost just boxes to choose the point of views, and set up a rough preliminary scene, then i started to detail and design each bit.

    I had modeled some buildings from scratch, some others was a hybrid models from my old assets that i have remodeled and modified, some basic models was extracted from google earth and mapped, some was ready models.

    In the Harbour building project it helped a lot to use the ghost town plugin for the city, i started using it to lay off the base city topology and randomized heights and plots in just some minutes u can create a really big city but then as i was using the lit version which is very low poly and non-detailed i started to replace these closer to camera with highly detailed models and left the ones far away from the camera with its original state but with the textures and maps modified.

    But overall it definitely took quite a lot of effort and patience to be able to finalize everything up to the standard and the detail level that i wanted to achieve this cityscape varied elements and components detailed look, making it more believable

    It took some time to be able to finish, its really hard to say how much cause i have worked on them late nights and weekends after i finish my daily work at the office, so it probably took several month but just some hours here and there in some days.

    Let me know if this explanation helped, and if anything is unclear or you need further explanation please let know

    Best regards
    Karim Moussa
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    Jul 2008

    Congratulations Karim, You did it again, Simply Wonderful !!
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    Oct 2005

    great man made great work .. congrate ...
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    Amazing Work Karim,very Inspiring indeed!!
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    Jul 2008

    Congratulations .. awesome Karim
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    May 2007

    Excellent work Karim! Big fan as always!
    I admire you still find the strenght to push things even outside of office.
    See you soon!
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    Aug 2009

    just amazing bazooka :-)
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    Jun 2014

    Very Nice render,well done
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