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    Oct 2010

    curtain materiel

    halo how can i render curtain materiel like 2 side materiel in vray and thanks
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    Jul 2007

    OK... maybe this might help:

    Start from 1 layered material. Leave roughness on 100. Turn on transmission and for it set color or a texture. For those settings layer will have translucency. Now on the same layer set color or texture for reflection 0, this will be your front side diffuse. If you want other color for back side, unlink reflection 0 and 90 and put color or texture on reflection 90. This will be your back side. Back side trick works only on translucency layer, so rough 100 and transmission enabled.
    You can add any other glossy reflections on other layers but they won't have distinction between front and back.
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    Oct 2010

    thanks i will try thiiiiiiiiiis
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