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    Feb 2013

    How they work Merging process, and instances????.

    Hi im having some difficulties to merge two same render scenes with the process of merging, on NOX 0.40 when i click on merge it display a dialog box "Merge Chosen" then there´s a button down that says "Accept" i click on it and nothing happens,is there a tutorial how to merge i only found a thread talking about merging but its not to well explained, and NOX 0.40 will render instances of itooforest pack plugin for 3ds max? or how does instancing works?,more tutorials please how to speed render scenes or best parametters for rendering, thanks to the developer and the only guy who is working on it Marchewa, i think it will be more better to have more people working on this.
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    Aug 2012


    NOX developer is currently on small holiday, we will make some tests on our side and try to resolve your issue as far as we can, but maybe there will be need to wait till January with this.
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    Merging was not turned on with last update. Also I believe you don't understand what merging does in NOX. It is a simple functionality that allows to merge render buffers from other file. For example: you render same scene on two machines and merge results and get less noisy render.
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