AAndres luxury Design for Home and Office

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"I like it when my things are built safely to last. When they shimmer and when I am still pleased to look at them to discover new parts and facets about them. Rhythm is important to me - a parameter which is not measurable in centimetres or millimetres. I firstly always design intuitively before I re-measure.

I am in daily ’contact’ with pieces of furniture in my flat. I like it when they calm my eyes down, when they are kind of ‘pretty’ . I think furniture is good, when I can still discover new aspects and enjoy looking at them after having been surrounded by them for a couple of years."
  1. Frank Pro 9 meters, Ville de Rham, Lausanne
  2. Frank Pro 9 meters, Ville de Rham, Lausanne
  3. AANDRES brand sign
  4. Eileen 22 DVD Shelf
  5. Eileen 22 DVD shelf (picture by miramichi)
  6. Eileen 22 DVD low board
  7. Frank Pro_8_6
  8. Frank Pro_14_8
  9. Frank 66 shop interior satin white
  10. Frank 66 homeoffice mediterranee stone
  11. Frank Pro_4_3
  12. Frank 55 hifi container satin glass snow white
  13. Frank 55 lowboard tv asiatique graphite
  14. Frank 55 sideboard oriental gold
  15. Eileen 22 container low wheels maple canada
  16. Frank 55 lowboard wheels satin glass water blue
  17. Frank 55 lowboard satin glass rosso
  18. Eileen 44 library oriental mint
  19. Eileen 44 shelf oriental gold / midnight
  20. Eileen 44 vitrine glass clear white
  21. Eileen 44 counter satin glass graphite
  22. Eileen 44 dressing room walnut Europe
  23. Eileen 44 info point satin glass graphite
  24. Eileen 33 shelf mediterranee water
  25. Eileen 33 shelf oriental red
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