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In this tip for beginners Jamie Cardoso explains V-Ray frame buffer settings.

V-Ray frame buffer is packed with many post-processing tools that let you prepare final image without need to use of external color grading software. V-Ray frame buffer also comes with render history settings. Jamie Cardoso gives short explanation about different V-Ray frame buffer options and v-Ray elements passes.



The V-Ray Frame Buffer is a display window for V-Ray renderings that includes a number of V-Ray-specific features. While V-Ray can render to the 3ds Max Rendered Frame Window (RFW or VFB), the V-Ray Frame Buffer has some additional capabilities:

  • Switches between render elements via a dropdown of all render elements
  • Keeps the image in full 32-bit floating point format
  • Performs Color Corrections on the rendered image
  • Allows you to choose the order in which the buckets are rendered
  • Can store a list of recently rendered images and switch between them or compare them
  • Applies simple Lens Effects to the rendered image
  • Automatically adjusts render resolution when the VFB window is resized with V-Ray RT ActiveShade and V-Ray IPR
  • The ability to load progressive resumable files (.vrprog ) and the V-Ray .vrimg file format.
Author: Jamie Cardoso Editor: Michał Franczak
Tags: v-ray
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