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Le Corbusier Modulor vol. 1

Le Corbusier Modulor vol. 1



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This collection includes 8 hi-resolution ready-posed 3D human models for close-up views.


1945. Charles- Edouard Jeanneret, Le Corbusier, formulates a new concept of city based in large buildings equipped with the necessary services to become self-sufficient units. It is the reconstruction period after World War II, and this context provides Le Corbusier the best spot for testing his theories about humanization of architecture.

Using innovative tools and materials, he projects an autonomous building, “a machine à habiter” in line with advanced techniques and standards incorporated to new cars , airplanes and steamships: the “Unité d' Habitation” in Marseille.

The project is based on a fundamental concept: the search for an anthropometric system in which each magnitude is related to the previous one, as the basis of all elements of the architectural work. “The natural measure of man must be the basis for all scales, which will be in relation to the life of being and its various functions. Scale measures applicable to surfaces or distances; scale distances considered in their relationship with the natural march of man; scale timetables to be determined taking into account the daily course of the sun. "

Modulor is born, a tool grounded on the principle of golden ratio, primary expression of a unitary universe, which visually unifies the parts of a project giving it balance, order and beauty in terms of human dimension. "A harmonious measure to the Human Scale universally applicable to Architecture and Mechanics"

2016. AXYZ design, the leading 3D characters developer company, launches its new collection inspired by the Modulor. Light, harmony, proportion and human figure applied both to functional and aesthetic design.

8 models exactly represented under Le Corbusier measures, in which human body establishes the possibilities of an object "to be always harmonious, diverse and elegant instead of being banal, monotonous and graceless”.

Each character in the new AXYZ design Modulor Collection is an instrument created to link man, its measures and its space occupation points, with visual qualities of the object in which he is inserted.

AXYZ presents this new collection of 3D characters full of dynamism, amplified by the vivid colors from Le Corbusier´s images reproduced on our model´s dress, a Ballet of Prague dancer. The poses, static, bring force and introduce tension, rhythm, providing a sense of freedom and ease of movement.

AXYZ will also launch different versions applying neutral materials, appropriate to complete abstract images, cleaner and purer, where human presence is usually not required.

As Le Corbusier´s Modulor, AXYZ Design´s model connects the architectural project to human universe, dynamic, moving constantly. A space for each architect to connect man with his environment.

Space, light and order. “Architecture is the learned game, correct and magnificent, of forms assembled in the light.”


Producer: aXYZ design


SketchUp - 6 or higher
Rhino - 5 or higher
Cinema 4D - R17
*.max - 2013 or higher

VRAYforC4D - 1.9
V-Ray *.max - 3.0 or higher
V-Ray *.skp - 2.0
V-Ray *.3dm - 2.0