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Car 02 HDMC4

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Car 02 HDMC4


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HDModels Cars vol. 4 HD Models Cars volume 4 gives you 10 highly detailed and shadered models of Cars. Every model is shadered and ready to render. Every model is in a highpoly and... Go to collection page >


  • Formats:

    3ds fbx max mxs obj

  • Polygons:


  • Tris:


  • Textures / Materials:

    Yes / Yes

  • File size:

    379 MB

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Contact us: ph: +48 85 674 5005 fax: +48 85 653 3620


HD Model Car ready to render. Highpoly model has 995838 polygons and 1035279 vertices. Lowpoly model has 499837 polygons and 525391 vertices.

No hdri and environment included

fbx - simple object without materials (with mapping and textures included)
mxs - object prepared for Maxwell Studio Renderer v.1.7 (IMPORTANT: may be NOT fully compatible with newer versions)
obj - simple object without textures and materials (with mapping included)

*.max - 2008 or higher

Fryrender *.max - with textures and shaders
Maxwell *.max - with textures and shaders (IMPORTANT: Maxwell 1.5 and 1.7 may be NOT fully compatible with newer versions)
Mental Ray *.max - with textures and shaders
Scanline *.max - with textures and shaders
V-Ray *.max - with textures and shaders