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3d materials collections.

Archmaterials collections includes high quality assets for texturing, specially designed for architectural visualization purposes. It is the effect of many working hours spent on scanning, optimizing and setting up PBR materials that will look great even on the most demanding close-up shots.

Archmaterials collections give you the most realistic PBR textures on the market. Physical Based Rendering textures and materials are very important for creating the most photorealistic architectural visualizations. 3d models, even with the best topology are only a starting point of a great visualization. You need the textures: from diffuse / albedo, through metallic, roughness and normal and displacement maps to bring the best quality from 3d assets.

Physical Based Rendering Materials

Rendering owkrs that base on PBR comes with the goal of creating reality-like shading by modeling an interaction between light and the surface. It uses optics and properties of real materials to achieve it.  It is not a single standard but the guides for software houses.

With PBR materials artist do not longer have to guess parameters of materials for making them realistic. Materials are physically correct which means that they will look good in different environments and lighting scenarios. PBR materials are meant to be made with these properties in mind:

  • specular reflection
  • diffuse refraction
  • fresnel effects (IOR)
  • light energy preservation
  • transparency
  • translucency
  • metallness
  • bump / normal / displacement

PBR materials are commonly used in computer games, game engines, but also modern biased and unbiased render engines like V-Ray, Corona Renderer, Octane, Cycles, etc.

PBR materials are currently the most popular way to create realistic surfaces. Now you can find here many of the PBR materials made especially for architectural visualizations. You can improve your renderings with them, because sometimes what separates your render from greatness is only a good texturing.

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