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High Dynamic Range Images.

HDRIs are the easy way to control the lighting in your scenes. They also act as a bacground images, so your scene has consistent lighting. Many times it is faster and more interesting solution than just placing simple Sky and Sun from your rendering engine.

HDRIs reflect different environments and lighting conditions - from dusk till dawn. You can insert a map that is cloudy or sunny, created in high agglomerated area or in the wilderness. HDRis are great for lighting interiors too. Some studio lighting HDRIs are great for all kind of product presentations - with good studio HDRI you will achieve interesting reflections and soft shadows in no time.

Using HDRIs is not complicated - in fact, we have a tutorial about Setting HDRI map in 3ds Max and V-Ray. HDRIs can be used in almost every 3d package - from 3ds MAx, through C4D, Blender to Unreal Engine and Unity.

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