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Evermotion collections of 3d models and 3d scenes, AXYZ and HUMANO collections of 3d humans. Collections are not available in subscription plans - but the single scenes and models that are parts of the collections can be downloaded with subscription.

You will find also texture and HDRI collections in this category. During more than 15 years of development, Evermotion created over 15 thousands of 3d models and hundreds of scenes. We release them in theme collections each two weeks. You can buy single models or you can save money and buy entire collection if you want to have wider set of assets for a specific 3d visualization topic. Archmodels are collections of 3d models - from kitchen to forest elements or even city parts.

Latest Archmodels collections come in MAX, C4D, OBJ and FBX formats. Archinteriors are our sets of 3d scenes for 3ds Max + V-Ray or Cinema 4D. We have also made collections for 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. Archexteriors are collections of exterior scenes that are perfect base for placing your models / buildings in the context.

We make also collections of 3d models for Unreal Engine, because nowadays architectural visualization industry seeks new ways for high quality animation, interaction and virtual reality. Our experience with realtime rendering engines makes it possible to achieve image and animation quality that is very close to path-tracing renderings.

However, the most of our collection comes for 3ds Max and V-Ray, because these applications are industry standard and give awesome and predictable results when it comes to delivering convincing architectural images. Our models are handcrafted by skilled team. For the last years we are widening formats range. You will get not only max files, but also FBX and OBJ which can be used almost by every 3d application on the market. If you wonder if the collection is for you, just check "Free sample" available for download on each Archmodels collection's page.

We hope that our 3d products will meet your expectations and will help you to create stunning 3d content.