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Bundles of 3d models and 3d scenes collections.

In Evermotion Shop you can buy many types of assets. When it comes to models and scenes, you can buy either single models or scenes, collections or bundles. The rule is simple: the more you spend in your one purchase, the less you pay per product. If you buy a single model, you pay its 100% price (although you will get 5% of cash back in Virtual Cash for your future purchases). If you buy a collection of products, you will get models cheaper.

Often you get 54 models for the price of 120€, which means that you get one model for 2 euro. It is 8-10 times cheaper than buying these models one by one. If you buy a bundle, you save even more money - bundles are 10-30 percent cheaper than individual products, which means that you get your single models for a fraction of single model price. So, browse the bundles, buy them and save money!