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Exterior scenes for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

Exterior visualization demands the highest quality props, but also very precise approach to lighting to bring out the best features of 3d environment. Evermotion 3d exteriors are carefully modeled and arranged, artists set photorealistic lighting and render it. The most of Evermotion exterior scenes are made for 3ds Max and V-Ray, but you can also browse many of our Cinema 4D collections (for V-Ray) and Unreal Engine 4 collections.

Archexteriors are collections of various 3d scenes for architectural visualizations. You will find here complete houses, exterior templates for placing your own models in context and many other scene types. The most of Archexteriors is created for 3ds Max and V-Ray renderer, but we also have collections for Cinema 4D users.

Either it is a night city scene, hacienda or calm villa on the hill - archexteriors help to create finished visualization quickly and with minimum effort. You don't have to worry about secondary elements like small plants, boulders, trees, driveways or buildings that surround your model - just load a scene, append your building and change it to your taste - your visualization is ready.

All scenes are set up when it comes to render engine, lighting and texture maps. In some collections you will also find PSD file with all layers of post-production of the image.