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3d models collections.

Discover Archmodels - under this brand we released over 11 thousands models, and it's one of the biggest 3d model repository in the world. Archmodels are prepared to be used in high quality architecture visualizations, but are also widely used by video and game developers. If you are in doubt if the model will fit your visualization, you can download a free sample from the collection page. You can also go to the model page and check its polycount.

We create models for wide range of 3d software. Of course, the main is 3ds Max, but in our latest collections you will find also Cinema4D format, FBX and OBJ formats too. Each Archmodels collection has formats listed below description, so you can choose the one that suits your 3d software. 

Archmodels collections cover wide selection of rendering engines. Not only the most popular in arch-viz industry - V-Ray but also Corona Renderer, Advanced Renderer for Cinema 4D and Blender Cycles. We also make collections for Unreal Engine, because it gives opportunity for fast animation rendering, interactivity and virtual reality (VR) compatibility.

Archmodels cover all kinds of 3d models for architectural visualizations, but also for game industry or cinematic purposes.


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