BMW M4 Competition Coupe 2020

3 scenes, 3 types of shots, 3 paint colors. Each shot was set up for a long time to represent something. 1. Studio - I tried to refine every reflex, the lighting is two HDRs and 2 renders, which I later combined in photoshop. Some reflections interfered with each other and I couldn't do it at once. 2. Factory - photos with blurred elements on the 1st set have been popular for some time and this is how I wanted to do it. The scene is lit with hdrka plus vraylight for the imitation of a strong sun. Here, however, it was a lot of fun to move the roof and poles for the best play of light and shade. 3. Close-up - black satin with some navy blue color. I wanted to get the effect of an ordinary photo, keeping a good frame and light. A very simple scene, a plane for a car and a wall from a box, lit only with hdrka. Here it was fun with the camera, blur power and hdrki spin for the best reflexes possible. 242743 242744 242745 242746 242747 242748 242749 242750 242751 242752 242753 242754 242755

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