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Dear Evermotion, I hold on posting each manifest here on forums (which was pretty hard) as I would love to present my whole idea now, finished. On Behance there are also models to download for each project. So without much talk, here it is. Beautiful Computer Generated Images is a collection of Seven projects, collection of seven Manifests, where every piece is an intersection of Technology and Art. It depicts imaginary places, imaginary objects where every element is arranged to create beautiful Composition and where photorealistic simulations are enriched and elevated by Custom color mapping to craft a piece formed by true Art. Manifests purpose is to show what I truly consider beautiful, what I am passionate about and what I love. Showing passion in CGI, passion in Composition, passion in Simplicity, Light, custom Colors, passion in bending image within a Purpose, in adjusting piece with an Abstract elements, all elevated by Custom Color Mapping to form something Unseen, something New and very Artistic. Projects have been developed for 1 year, working solely on the projects, between 2016 and 2017 and are periodically released every three weeks resulting in a book. Everything is custom made - from scratch - models, materials. I. Giant Simplicity Giant Simplicity is an imaginary living space consisting of three spaces where attention is driven on each elements beauty. It depicts Passion in contrast between Giant, yet Simple. Passion in contrast between materials Rose Gold and Marble. Passion in contrast between simple Rectangular shapes and simple Circular shapes. All images make together whole piece. Project has been rendered in beautiful Corona rendering engine. Modeling was done in 3Ds Max and sofa in Marvelous Designer, edges deformation with DeformEdges script. Models to download on Behance. Marble island and bath have both real sub-surface scattering. Inspiration credits: Chapel street by Cyarchitects, Menu Design, The Watermark Collection, Jon W. Benedict, Living Divani.;topic=15280.0;attach=60974;image;topic=15280.0;attach=60976;image;topic=15280.0;attach=60984;image;topic=15280.0;attach=60982;image;topic=15280.0;attach=60978;image;topic=15280.0;attach=60980;image II. Tropical Garden Tropical Garden is an imaginary backyard space where contemporary concrete surfaces are contrasted by tropical nature. It depicts Beauty in nothing but Tropical Plants. Passion in contrast between materials Concrete and Tropical Greens. Beauty in Tropical Colors, shifted Hues and bended reality uptill the level of Abstraction. Project has been rendered in beautiful Corona rendering engine. All plants are modeled from scratch using SpeedTree and using custom repainted and adjusted Quixel Megascans atlasses. Other modeling was done in 3Ds Max, edges deformation with DeformEdges script. Models to download on Behance. Plants have real thickness to them. Inspiration credits: Rees Roberts + Partners, Island State Co.;topic=15592.0;attach=62327;image;topic=15592.0;attach=62329;image;topic=15592.0;attach=62331;image III. Above Wood Above Wood is a collection of two imaginery spaces where Beauty and Nature of the wood is portrayed. It depicts passion in nothing but Wood. Passion in wood in its most natural Wood Edge form. Beauty in contrast between Natural wood and Processed wood. Passion in contrast between Wood and Concrete, Stone surfaces and Passion in composition from above. Project has been rendered in Corona rendering engine. Modeling was done in 3Ds Max and edges deformation with DeformEdges script. Branches grown in SpeedTree. Elehpant Ear plant modelled in 3Ds Max with textures by adjusted Megascans atlasses. Live Edge Wood table was carefully picked and texture photographed in Live Edge Chicago store - thank you for letting capture texture of your beautiful tables. Multiple tables were photographed. Each table was photographed in chunks - then stitched - to provide as high resolution texture as possible. Models to download on Behance. Inspiration credits: Carl Hansen and son, Norr11, Jose Villa.;topic=15908.0;attach=63470;image;topic=15908.0;attach=63472;image;topic=15908.0;attach=63474;image;topic=15908.0;attach=63476;image

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