The Ethereal & the Sad

176653 a tribute to all the refugees. its sad to view or put your shoe in their place, its just break me as a person and the least i can do is to visualize / show their plight in this archviz concept competition. i imagine the secret garden as an imaginary realm or "The Ethereal" or paradise whichever you see them . This paradise consist of temporary life on earth as a continuos loop of sadness at the moment for them,and perhaps happiness hereafter. artificial greens / architectural ecosystem above= life on earth/sadness greens below=paradise/the ethereal the garden above water, shown is a reflection of life on earth represented by the architectural features-built environment as corals/greens on walls . perhaps identified as pockets of life.. in contrast with the artificial life or artificial garden above, the dark waters with a glimpse of greens beneath shows that a promised "garden" awaits them. the falling person shown is the representation of the refugees. branches or trunk is life selection,or the bridges to these paradise beneath.... note: reference image from avatar/croods movie as imaginary ecosystem reference. 178067 Final Renders as per attached. Hope this portrays the concept above. Looking at an alternative representation of an archviz, hence the vertical storytelling. Thank you all for viewing!

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