A Lonely Cabin In The Woods

Hi everyone, this is my first time participating in an acrhi-viz contest, and I am new to the 3D field in general (so good luck to me :) ) I've been thinking a lot about the concept and atmosphere I want to get in the end, and making heaps of sketches was quite an enjoyable part. One thing that was clear to me from the beginning is that I don't want to go with a conventional backyard, but I rather wanted to interpret a "Secret Garden" in a broader sense. So, my main theme is a tropical rainforest with lots of vines, weirdly curved giant tree branches, peculiarly twisted leaves of all sorts and a mysterious hut amongst them. Needless to say, it's not going to be just a typical forest since I decided to add a little bit f magic into it and make it look like an illustration from a fairy-tail book. Below you can see my sketches which I drew in order to get a better definition of what I want to get as a result. Accordingly, the coloured sketch was made to help me figure out the colour scheme and overall atmosphere. (The sketches don't represent the final look of the picture though, because I like to change some details here and there as I continue working) 174999 174998 Current State: 175397

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