The secret garden

For this project I wanted to integrate architecture with nature to show how they can generate unique places, here the architecture is the main focus of the image leaving nature go wild in the rest of the landscape showing the magical spaces it can creates. 1st - Thinking about the concept, making sketches of what I visualize. (If I have more time later, I will upload images of the sketches). 2nd - Modeling in archicad the buildings and the terrain. 3rd - Modeling small details of aged structures in archicad and sketchup. 4th - Import the main model into 3dsmax to start the material and illumination process. 5th - Adjusting camera. 6th - Adjusting illumination levels of sun and artifical lights. 7th - Inserting materials to model, making them match with reality. 8th - Add vegetation. 9th - Render with v-ray. 10th - Post-production in Photoshop, adjust color levels, exposure and contrast.

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