Scorching Summer in the CPU -- Evermotion Challenge 2014

Hi all, I lived in Singapore. It is a tropical country and the only weather it has is hot, hotter, hottest. For a long time I have always relate it as Summer, till someone told me that it is infact much warmer in certain periods. Since then my perception of Summer is very warm and many would prefer to stay indoor with the air-conditioning turn on. While we had a choice, I thought about the CPU which runs 24-7 with poor maintanence, it must have been unbearably hot within. Thus an idea stroke and I decided to portrait Summer in the heart of the CPU, while having a glance of comparison to the summer in the real city. Currently I have selected some colours and temperature of summer to implement within the 'CPU-CITY' to establish some familiarity so as not to detach too far away from reality. The image will be framed within the casing, with a low angle view looking up. Random computer parts would be given an additional role. Such as the Power source would be the Sun, and the stacks of Hard discs and CD-ROMS would be residential high rise. Stay tuned, Have fun, and Good luck to everyone! Final Image -------------- 130261 LINK TO High RES UNCOMPRESSED IMAGE -------------------------------------------------- SOFTWARES used: 3dsmax 2012 Vray 2.3 Advanced Painter Zbrush 4r5 Realflow 2013 Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Most of the scene element are modelled except for a few. The Premade Models used: Evermotion Archmodels for the Plants. AXYZ 3d People standing on the roof deck. Textures are mainly from Cgtextures

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