Access to contest summer in the city - challenge 2014 [Water Drop City]

FINAL ENTRY 129880 (updated the preview image) Hi all, I've been working on this project for a while. Now it is time to start posting. My concept is based on utopian idea of a city. I basically don’t like to spend summer in the city. I can recall the heat, sun exposure, lack of air flow, noise and car fumes all over the place. I decided to tell a different story. What if we imagine city being a living creature in the middle of a desert? Like all living bodies it needs to breathe, it needs water and a bit of sunshine. It is growing constantly and sometimes it happens without control. City dwellers to survive need the same water, to breathe with the same cool air and they also prefer to avoid sun exposure. They live in symbiosis with the big city. So there is my idea. Living without rush, in quiet environment where you can breathe deeply even if it is a middle of summer and you are in the city centre.

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