Caribbean Tongue - Summer in the city

Hei Everyone ! Well, the deadline is over. At least for me :). I going to holiday tomorrow so here is my final "holiday image" called the Caribbean Tongue. Before I started to do anything I just asked only one question to myself. Whats that mean the summer for u mr. ?! And my answer was pretty simple. Holiday! :) I love to swim the sound of the waves, hot girls, beer, sunshine etc. I tried to create a place wich has some Caribbean feeling and maybe a litle bit of Monaco. It was a quite important part of the project to picture somehow the sounds of this place. Seagulls, waves and the wind... Good luck Guys & have fun! Tamas Medve Softwares, tools, models and everything else that I used: - max 2014, vray 3, photoshop, magic bullet - ghost town (, phoenix fd - some evermotion models like: small houses, boats. - itrees, ipalms

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